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Santiago Rusiñol, Before and After



Just another morphinomane; a waste of a day really, so not to be taken as an encouragement to vice. There is a continuity problem here, as they say with films, her bedclothes have changed colour beween scenes; the first scan seems to be of better quality. Rusiñol lived at Sitges down the coast from Barcelona, which must have been very pleasant in those days, as the old town still was went I went there on holiday one year as a teenager. There was a lovely museum there full of old metalwork, glassware and so forth, which had been collected by Rusiñol, so I discover, and is now preserved there in his own house. Funnily enough I don't remember the paintings at all, only the chandeliers, elaborate locks and keys, and old glasses. This encouraged me to buy an old Catalan tumbler from an antique shop there, which got broken long ago, as is the inevitable fate of glassware, at least when there are cats around.
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