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Philip Wilson Steer

Except for the last picture, this is a replacement for an ealier post, since I have found much better images for two of the pictures.


Girl with a St Bernard, 1899


The Schoolgirl, 1906. This is what I said about the picture and its painter in my earlier post:

I once lived a shortish train-ride from Cardiff and used the visit the art-gallery there quite often, and this was a painting that appealed to me in a quiet sort of way, so I was pleased to come across it again ... Steer (1860-1942) was an English painter who never developed a particularly distinctive style or vision, like Sickert for example, but was capable of good things when at the top of his form. Some might say, pretty things, but what is wrong with that if they show real painterly qualities? Although he had a long career, one tends to think of him as an Edwardian, and he painted this schoolgirl in 1906. I am reminded of him whenever when I come into London from the West Country because I pass his house by the river at Chelsea Reach, not far from where Whistler used to live.


The Blue Dress, 1891


A Dead Bullfinch, from,1875, so painted when he was 15.
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