January 29th, 2013

George Price Boyce, Landscape Watercolours

 photo boycewhiteswanpangbourne0_zpsc67efd23.jpg

George Price Boyce (1826-1897) trained as an architect, but turned to the painting of watercolours after meeting David Cox. Some idea of Cox's style can be gathered from some previous posts here:
It can be seen that Cox's landscapes are very closely observed, but Boyce developed a more precise and static approach, showing pre-Raphaelite influence after he came to know Rossetti, Holman Hunt, Millais and others. At his best, his landscape studies have a strange hypnotic quality, and his work deserves to better known I think; though that is true of quite a number of English watercolourists, largely because of the difficulties in exhibiting works that are so liable to fade. This shows the White Swan inn at Pangbourne, on the Thames.

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