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Richard James Lane, Fanny Kemble

In a recent post showing portraits of Princess Alice, we had two lithographs of her by Richard Lane, who was one of the foremost practitioners of the art in early Victorian England, and was appointed to be lithographer to the Queen. At the time, engravings and lithographs were of course the main way by which porraits of well-known portraits of well-known people were propagated to the general public, and I thought it would be worthwhile to return to Lane, who was quite an artist in his way. This time, not pictures of royalty, but of an actress, Fanny Kemble. This first picture is not by Lane, but is an anonymous copy of a portrait of Fanny Kemble by Sir Thomas Lawrence, one which Lane based one of his lithographs of her. I don't know what has happened to Lawrence's portrait, I couldn't find an image of it.

Here is Lane's llithograph of the same portrait, published in 1829. He was apparently a friend of her father, the actor Charles Kemble, who was himself a brother of the great Sarah Siddons (so this was quite a theatrical dynasty). Another image here:

Another version, which has been coloured.

A different lithograph of her by Lane.

Another lithograph by Lane, of the dancer Mlle Fleury. More about Lane here:
They have a big collection of his work at the National Portrait Gallery; as always, the images at its internet site are not particularly good, althought they can be clicked to enlarge:
It will be apparent from the selection there that they are variable in quality, some being run of the mill, and some delicate and attractive.

A quaint lithograph (not by Lane) of Fanny Kemble playing Juliet:
Her aunt of the same name was also a well-known actress, here is a mezzotint based on a portait of her by Sir Joshua Reynolds:
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