petrusplancius (petrusplancius) wrote,

Moritz von Schwind, a painting and two drawings of Schubert

Schwind (1804-71) was born in Vienna and knew Schubert personally when he was a young man, so his pictures of him are thoroughly authentic.

A drawing from 1825, evidently from life, not at all idealized. The first drawing is from much later, being a study for the following painting.

Ein Schubertabend, A Schubert-evening, about 1868, uncompleted. The artist is looking back with some nostalgia toward the end of his life.
Schubert is shown in front of an elegant audience at a salon, accompanying the famous baritone Johann Michael Vogl in a performance of his songs.

A detail. Aesthetic-looking ladies appearing suitably enraptured. Tender emotion was the order of the day.
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