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Georg Friedrich Kersting, Two Interiors

 photo Kersting_-Georg-Friedrich-Reinhards-Studierstube-um-1811_zpsac236fc5.jpg

Sorry about my recent silence, I've been doing forced labour in my study. This shows Court Chaplain Reinhard in his study in 1811, but he's not really doing any work, lucky man, he's just reading (though doubtless a serious work as would befit his calling). I think this must be the Protestant theologian Franz Volkmar Reinhard, who was Court Preacher at Dresden and died soon after this picture was painted. Kersting lived not far away in Meissen, becoming the chief painter at the porcelain factory there.

 photo kerstingkugelgenstudio1_zps6a73ddb4.jpg

This shows the painter Gerhard von Kügelgen (1172-1820), a portrait and history painter who had his studio at Dresden. He was murdered by a thief, there is an account of the case in the Neue Pitaval:

 photo kerstingkugelgenfriedrich_zps72739dc5.jpg

He was not actually a particularly good painter, but this portrait of Caspar David Friedrich is memorable, making him look suitably demented.
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