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Odilon Redon, Some Portraits

 photo redon-domecy_zpscdb67749.jpg

Baroness Robert de Domecy, 1900. Her husband was a friend and patron of Redon, who painted some panels for his chateau in Burgundy. I like this picture the best of all Redon's portraits, for the refinement in the portrayal of the features and sense of inwardness. He painted one or two other portraits of her, including this, which |I don't like as much:

 photo RedonPortraitofMadameArthurFontaine1901_zps9ebd9cf9.jpg

Mme Arthur Fontaine, 1901. Her husband was an industrialist and notable patron of the arts, there is a (not particularly attractive) portrait of him by Vuillard, link at the bottom of this article on him:
His correspondence with the poet Francis Jammes was published in the 50s.
This very fine pastel was painted while the Fontaines were visiting Redon and his wife at the sea-side town of St. Georges-de-Didonne on the southwest coast of France in September 1901.

 photo redon-portrait-of-madame-redon_zps3dd2ac0f.jpg

Camille Convalescente, 1911. The painter's wife while she was recovering from an illness (hence the rather strange character of this portrayal of her).

 photo redonTheyellowshawlPortraitofCamilleRedonc1899_zpsffab99d9.jpg

The Yellow Shawl, a portrait of Camille Redon from 1899.

 photo aredonmarquisedegonet1907z_zps32beba8c.jpg

The Marquise de Gonet, 1907. The Marquis had a chateau near Carcassonne, which is now owned by the municipality:
This painting was included among a collection of paintings belonging to the family which was sold at Christies in 1997; it apparently included 10 'important' Redons (as auctioneers like to express it), so it looks as if the Marquis may have been another of Redon's aristocratic patrons.

 photo aredonjeannechiane_zpsfa8da7d6.jpg

Jeanne Chaine, 1903

 photo redon-portrait-of-simone-fayet_zps3d2cc1b8.jpg

Simone Fayet, 1907; he also painted a portrait of her in her First Communion dress in the following year:
Her father Gustave Fayet was the owner of the Abbaye de Fontfroide, near Narbonne, for which Redon pianted decorative works, more here:
Fayet was himself a painter, and he had a fine collection of paintings, including many works by Gauguin.

 photo REDON-PORTRAIT-OF-YSEULT-FAYET_zpscdaa8a82.jpg

Yselt Favet, 1908; rather in the style of his lovely portrait of Violet Heymann from the same year (unfortunately I can't find a decent scan of it):

This portrait too is very fine I think:
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