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Louise Rayner (1832-1924), Watercolours

 photo LouiseingramRaynere.jpg

A daughter of the watercolourist Samuel Rayner, Louise Rayner lived for much of her life in Chester, and some of her finest paintings are of that city, a picturesque place which contains remarkable covered walk-ways known as the 'Rows': This painting shows Bridge Street Row East.

 photo Louise_Rayner_Chester_Watergate_Street_Row_South.jpg

Watergate Row South.

 photo raynerwatergaterow.jpg

Another painting of the Row in Watergate Street. Many more of her pictures of Chester can be found here:
A nice old guide to the city (1836), with plates:
The city walls are well-preserved, one can walk round most of the medieval centre on them:

 photo Louise_Rayner_Interior_at_Haddon_Hall.jpg

An interior at Haddon Hall in Derbyshire (a medieval house with later additions which belongs to the Duke of Rutland).
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