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Pryde portrayed

 photo prNicholson_Pryde.jpg

James Pryde (1866-1941) produced rather theatrical paintings (he had himself been an actor), but is best known for his collaboration with William Nicholson in the 1890s in making prints and posters; in their joint work, they called themselves the Beggarstaffs. This is a woodcut of him by Nicholson, dating from 1899.

 photo prjohnwilliambrookeprydec19004.jpg

John William Brooke, watercolour on ivory, 1900.

 photo 11465_bg.jpg

Joseph Simpson (1879-1939), etching, 1930.

 photo prnicholsonprydeshat5.jpg

His top hat was evidently one his main props, which he maintained long after tall hats had gone out of fashion; it had been commemorated previously in this painting by William Nicholson.

 photo prherbertjmaesgunnwilliampryde1_1964_624x544.jpg

A portrait by Herbert Gunn, dating from the same period as Simpson's etching.

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