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Henry Stacy Marks (1829-1888), watercolours of cockatoos and vultures

 photo henry stacy marks rose-breasted cockatoo.jpg
Rose-breasted Cockatoo

 photo henry stacy marks leadbetters cockatoo.jpg
Leadbetter's Cockatoo

 photo henry-stacy-marks-hyacinth macaw.jpg
Hyacinth Macaw

 photo henry stacy marks vulture.jpg

 photo Hnery stacy marks vultures.jpg

Marks sent these vultures to John Ruskin, who was delighted with them: 'I jumped all about the room when I got your letter. I've been gloating like a good vulture over those vultures ever since I got them, and have got wilder and wilder about them every day; and I'm just going to show them in my lecture here on Tuesday as examples of true natural history drawing.'
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