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Edwin Edwards and friends

Edwin Edwards was an English etcher and landscape painter who was a friend of Henri Fantin-Latour and Whistler. This is an etching by Fantin-Latour showing him and his wife performing a piece of music by Schumann.

An etching from 1861 by Edwards showing Whistler sketching by Molesey Lock on the Thames.

An etching by Whistler from the same trip.

Edwards and Whistler were also accompanied by Francis Seymour Haden, Whistler's brother-in-law, who was an accomplished landscape etcher in his own right. This etching of Egham Lock, which was published in 1864, may well have been made on the same trip. Seymour Haden was a surgeon by profession while Edwards was originally a lawyer.

A portrait of Edwards and his wife by Fantin-Latour.

An etching by Felix Bracquemond showing Edwards at work on an etching.

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