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Thomas Shotter Boys, the Rue Damiette in Rouen

Thomas Shotter Boys (1803-1874) is one of those artists whom many people know without knowing, for his very fine coloured lithographs of European cities. I have recently acquired a small drawing by him of a street scene in Rouen, and I looked around to see what I could find in connection with it. Here are the results.

Photograph in a postcard

Etching by Charles Pinet (1867-1932)

Watercolour by Boys that was recently sold by Christies (£13,750); very fine I think.

A coloured lithogarph. It can be seen that this is somewhat tidier, with broader planes of colour to allow for the lithographic process. He was very good at this technique, his coloured lithographs are some of the finest from this period.

A detail from the drawing showing the general view. It was doubtless one of the drawings that he used in preparing the other works, he thought sufficiently well of it to sign it. It is in good condition although the paper has naturally yellowed.

In one corner there is a man urinating in the street, omitted from the more polished works, but one of the more appealing features of the drawing!

The picturesque houses on the right, wood-framed with no regular angles.
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