petrusplancius (petrusplancius) wrote,

William Beechey, Miss de Vismes

This is a portrait in the Frick collection that was ascribed to John Hoppner, who painted in a very similar style, and was said to be a daughter of Admiral Byng, but Henry Bone made a copy of it for a miniature, and noted the true artist and sitter in his sketch for it:

The story of the re-identification is recounted here (this is an excellent series by the way):
She was a member of a Huguenot family in London, and died without any children at the age of 29, as the last member of her direct line, after having married a first cousin; circumstances in which the identification of the portrait could easily be lost. The Captain Baillie for whom the miniature was made was her husband, she had been brought up by his father after the death of her parents.
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