petrusplancius (petrusplancius) wrote,

Carl Gustav Carus, a boat-trip on the Elbe near Dresden, 1827

A doctor and polymath who became personal physician to the King of Saxony in Dresden, Carus was only a Sunday painter; he was a follower of C.D.Friedrich and wrote a short book about him. He painted this picture at Dresden just two years after Dahl had painted the cloud scene below. When the Norwegian had arrived in the city, the two had felt an affinity and had soon become friends. Carus refers to Dahl in his memoirs, remarking how he had become a pupil of Friedrich but had followed a contrasting course, preferring to paint directly from nature and becoming extraordinarily skilful at capturing its transient effects. If Friedrich (who painted from imagination in his studio) was inclined to be too subjective, - Carus observes, -Dahl sinned in the opposite direction, being inclined to lose himself in the passing scene. Carus's own paintings are meditative and carefully contrived. He travelled through Britain, incidentally, with the King of Saxony in 1844 and published a most interesting account of his impressions.
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